Playing the Changes: fantastic free lesson courtesy of Levi Clay

29 July 2012

By diverge

Following the changes in a simple blues isn’t so bad but if you want to find out how it’s done over a jazz or fusion track! Let’s get stuck in…

Soloing Over Chord Changes

Levi, a Neck Diagrams user, has created and shared a set of 5 videos plus a PDF booklet, all FOR FREE!

In the videos he demonstrates a series of ideas, and the booklet goes into more detail, complete with diagrams explaining concepts and theory. If you’ve not come across Levi before then bookmark his website like NOW!

Here’s the booklet and the first video, hit up Levi’s page for more!

Download Booklet

Check out the full lesson over at Levi’s site Playing Over Changes!

And be sure to take a good look around his website – you’ll find tons of great stuff there and on his YouTube channel!

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