Fretboard diagrams aren’t only for tutors!

Every guitarist should create their own while mastering their craft. There’s a double whammy here – you create diagrams to use as you’re playing, but you can also get to study the diagrams when you have to be away from your instrument, greatly reinforcing the material you’re learning from!

Create chord boxes

Just click on the chord box tool then click on the diagram page to create your chord box. Now just add dots

..and fretboard diagrams

As easy as chord boxes, just use the neck diagram tool. Tell it your root note and format however you like. Add text boxes too if you want.

What’s YOUR Instrument?

The Instrument Library is where all the built-in instruments are kept. You can even define your own instruments and tunings here. Additionally, our capo/barre tool allows you to transpose to your heart’s content!

Save time with powerful wizards

Make life easy with the Scale Generator. Add scale shapes for 98 scales/modes in any of the CAGED shapes or 3-note-per-string shapes at the click of a button!

Professional quality fretboard diagrams in a range of formats

Neck Diagrams supports Rich Text Editing, meaning all your system fonts are available so you can start exporting YOUR fretboard diagrams in a wide range of popular file formats. Want them on the web? Export to PNG or JPG images! Need someone else to finish up your diagrams? Drag them right out of the diagram gallery and email them!

Can you handle more?

Versatile Fretboards

  • per-interval colour schemes
  • copy/paste & clone notes across fretboards
  • user control over note and font size
  • realistic fretboard woods
  • full fret numbering customisation
  • transpose away with our capo / barre tool
  • line tool with optional arrow endpoints
  • shape objects
  • control over object Z-order

Theoretically Speaking…

  • our tunings have octave data – meaning proper compound interval support
  • Solf├Ęge Romance & Chromatic note naming schemes
  • Latin interval naming scheme, e.g. 2M, 3m, 5-  etc

Whatever level your playing, Neck Diagrams is perfect for you.

From professional musicians, music teachers and tutors through to songwriters, publishers and hobbyists, Neck Diagrams gives you all the tools you need to keep tabs on your chords and scales.