Neck Diagrams on MacOS Sonoma

17 April 2024

By justin

Apple’s latest MacOS update, called Sonoma which is version 14 of the Mac operating system and you may well be trying to figure out if all your software will still run properly on it!

So, does Neck Diagrams run properly on Sonoma? YES!

Neck Diagrams 2 running on MacOS Sonoma

You’ll be glad to hear that the current 2.3.4 build works fine on Ventura. This MacOS release is less drastic than e.g. the Big Sur release, which was a major pain in the backside for us, as we had to re-engineer a boatload of things due to all the changes Apple made under the hood…

There’s one known glitch though, which is that the startup splash image gets inverted after a couple of seconds then appears upside down! There’s a workaround for this minor issue in the 2.3.5 release coming soon.

The same things apply as with recent MacOS releases:

  • you should have the most recent version of Neck Diagrams installed, which currently is v2.3.4
  • versions older than v2.2.1 will not work properly, triggering repeated errors
  • Neck Diagrams v1 (no longer supported) doesn’t work properly on Big Sur (v11), Monterey (v12) and this probably continues with Sonoma (v14).

The last ND1 release (v1.12) was in 2018 and all effort has been focused on ND2 since then, so if you’re an existing ND1 customer you can take advantage of the discounted ND1 to ND2 upgrade options

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